Reviews are not passe.

Tax reviews as they were in good old times … it would seem that in the era of digitization of tax processes, auditing account entries, reading contracts or looking through VAT invoices are a thing of the past. Nothing could be more wrong. Such formulas are still used by tax authorities, e.g. during inspections.

A well-conducted review by a tax advisor allows you to identify areas that have always operated in a given way in a given company – and it is not known whether “always” means “good”. A comprehensive tax review is still one of the best manifestations of due diligence by the taxpayer. And it is due diligence that is often the guarantee of avoiding liability in the event of errors.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • Our reviews look for risks or inefficiencies in tax settlements. Our work covers all tax settlements of a given entity or only those indicated by the client (e.g. CIT or VAT) Wherein:
    • we offer both one-time and periodic tax reviews,
    • in the course of work, we identify areas of potential irregularities, taking into account the likelihood of their being questioned by the tax authorities,
    • additionally, if irregularities are identified, we indicate solutions that minimize the risk of negative tax consequences, while we make sure that the recommendations have practical value and are adapted to the specifics of the client’s business.

Each time we start the review with a meeting and conversation with people responsible for tax settlements. It’s the perfect icebreaker. Once it turns out that we are not so terrible, we learn much more about the mechanisms of tax settlements than it results from dry documents or registers.

The result of our work is a report indicating the identified areas requiring attention and containing practical recommendations regarding actions that should be taken to ensure the correctness or greater efficiency of tax settlements.

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