SOLVEO / Eksperci / Anna Wojciechowska, PhD

I am a tax advisor and a Partner in SOLVEO

My entire professional life is related to taxes, which I have been dealing with for almost 20 years. I spent the first 14 years in the tax authorities, where among others I was head of the control department at the Tax Control Office in Gdansk for 6 years. And then I gained experience in the area of tax advisory. First as a manager in team Tax Controversy and Business Tax Advisory EY, and now at Solveo, as a partner. I’m also a BCC expert on tax disputes, building tax strategies and reporting tax schemes.

I have graduated Economics at the Poznan University of Economics and Business, with a specialization Finance and Monetary Policy, where in 2014 I defended my PhD in Macroeconomics.

I specialize mainly in audits, tax proceedings and litigation, where I actively and successfully represent clients as an attorney. My area of specialization also include income taxes (relating to the conduct of business activity) and property tax. Since 2019, I’m also a member of the forum for information on tax schemes operating under the Minister of Finance.

I’m also a speaker and I have conducted many training and workshops on tax issues. In addition, since 2015 I have been a lecturer at the University of Gdansk in postgraduate studies in the field of tax advisory. I have also been teaching at the Accountants Association in Poland since 2020.

My specializations
Tax Advisory