Excise duty should not be underestimated.

When we ask our clients for the first time whether they are dealing with excise duty – 90% of them answer that NO. It quickly turns out, however, that these entities, for example, consume lubricants, purchase gas products with exemption or use denatured alcohol as a solvent.

Half the trouble if ignorance of the excise duty results only in the lack of savings, which are often at your fingertips. It is even worse if failure to comply with certain formal requirements results in negative tax consequences. And there is no shortage of these, what is worse, the KKS also provides for a number of excise prohibited acts. Tax authorities are increasing their interest in excise duty. In addition, there have been a number of changes to the regulations recently. We do not underestimate excise duty.

What do we do as part of the service?

We offer support in identifying obligations related to excise duty or fulfilling other obligations related to the use of excise goods, including:

  • we identify transactions related to excise goods and help determine the obligations of taxpayers in this respect,
  • we carry out excise inspections and prepare tax procedures,
  • we help to adapt to changes in excise tax and related regulations (e.g. SENT),
  • we support in meeting the criteria for the use of excise preferences (exemption due to intended use, PLN 0 rate),
  • we help in registering PUESC and fulfilling reporting obligations;
  • we help you safely use excise tax exemptions (electricity, gas products and coal products) and recover excise tax (e.g. energy-intensive plants).
Excise duty is handled by a small group of tax advisors. Including us.

Excise duty is a very specialized tax. Quite a few tax advisors deal with it professionally. This includes us, and we achieve successes with our clients on the basis of excise duty. Excise tax savings (often settled on a success fee), diversification of supply chains, obtaining excise permits, support in reporting and recording events. By the way, we often teach the client about excise duty. Because knowledge about this tax is not common in accounting teams.

Excise duty is the second tax source of state budget revenue after VAT. This alone proves that this tax is so important that it cannot be underestimated.
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