Research and development relief more and more attractive.

One of the most attractive forms of support for entrepreneurs is the R&D tax credit, under which taxpayers get the opportunity to deduct twice from their tax base the costs associated with innovation activities. And sometimes even triple – since the tax regulations of the Polish Deal came into force.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • Analysis of processes and tasks to verify compliance with the requirements of R&D activity for the purposes of the tax credit,
  • Verification of costs incurred for eligibility for the R&D tax credit,
  • Create and formalize an appropriate internal process to secure the correct use of deductions,
  • Securing the approach adopted through tax opinions or individual interpretations,
  • Acting as the R&D controller implementing the process of collecting data and information needed to calculate the tax credit during the tax year and for the preparation of CIT-BR return.
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