Tax strategy. Tax procedures.

Strategy is an obligation, but procedures are also worth having.

The obligation to publish information on tax strategy means the need to publicly disclose details of tax settlements. Under the threat of financial sanctions in case of neglect of duty. The Tax Office wants to increase the transparency of tax settlements of large entities. And enable a public assessment of the tax strategy in place. This is undoubtedly an opportunity to build the right image of the entity in the eyes of a wide range of stakeholders.

Regardless, growing due diligence requirements require businesses to put in place and maintain procedures to ensure proper conduct and documentation of tax processes.

The procedures developed with our support will not only ensure compliance of the company’s operations with the regulations. Where possible, they will also simplify the administration of the tax process and ensure its understanding of the tasks and roles performed by the people involved in it.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • operating procedures related to the tax process,
  • contractor verification procedure in order to reduce the risk of being involved in VAT fraud,
  • liability risk management procedure for tax settlements,
  • procedure for MDR obligations,
  • procedures for specific obligations (e.g. TP documentation, withholding tax collection, documentation of cross-border transactions).
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