Reporting of MDR tax schemes

Tax schemes are the tip of the iceberg.

The MDR regulations are very complicated, and additionally drafted in a general and inconsistent way. Potential sanctions for both the lack of an internal reporting procedure and possible errors and distortions in reporting are very painful.

Market practice shows that a corporate entity should have a procedure addressing MDR obligations. This allows you to reduce the risk of errors or omissions in the reporting of tax schemes. On the formal level, potential sanctions are excluded or limited if the authorities find a violation of the MDR provisions.

Our previous practical experience in this area is supported by participation in the working group conducted as part of the MDR Forum at the Ministry of Finance.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • We will conduct a risk analysis of past or future occurrence of events subject to potential MDR reporting,
  • We will prepare an internal MDR procedure to ensure the highest possible level of security in the field of reporting tax schemes. But also the “practicality” of its use – the procedure must be “usable” in the organization and not lying in a drawer,
  • We will train employees of the organization in the field of MDR,
  • We will support the client in the implementation of MDR obligations, including in particular in the field of reporting tax schemes.

Under this type of support, we are definitely more flexible than the MDR regulations. Where possible, we try to determine our remuneration in advance in a lump sum. Only in the case of support that is “difficult to measure” as to the scope of work, remuneration calculated on the basis of an hourly rate is also possible.

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