The Polish Investment Zone/Special Economic Zones

PSI – extremely efficient investment.

 The Polish Investment Zone is an instrument for supporting investments of entrepreneurs in the form of a tax exemption in the amount of up to 70% of the value of investment outlays or two years labor costs of new employees. Every złoty invested means 70 groszy of tax saved for the investor.


What do we do as part of the service?
  • We analyze the eligibility of investment plans to verify the possibility of obtaining tax exemptions,
  • We develop applications for decision on support,
  • We negotiate the conditions for granting state aid,
  • We provide training on safe and effective ways to use tax relief,
  • We develop rules for using the tax exemption in accordance with the general interpretation of the Minister of Finance on the method for determining exempt income,
  • We prepare procedures for calculating exempt income together with discount tool,
  • We carry out reviews of settlement of use of tax relief together with verification of the eligibility of expenses in the SEZ/PSI,
  • We apply for changes the conditions included in SEZ permits / decisions on support.
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