Dedicated tax trainings

Tax training, which is worth learning all the time.

Well-conducted tax training is a value itself. It gives benefits on many levels. It provides employees with the necessary portion of knowledge and builds tax awareness and strengthens the sense of responsibility for the performance of their duties.

Good training also helps to resolve problems and misunderstandings within the organization. Employees of the accounting department have completely different tasks than, for example, colleagues from the purchasing or sales department. These bands often speak a different language. They don’t work together like they could. It is often good when such obvious issues are brought to the attention of someone from the outside. And he will take on the burden of unpopular decisions.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • The starting point is the tax regulations or the changes planned therein, however, we always prepare a number of practical “real life” examples for participants – to think about and solve together.
  • Most often, these are examples “from the life of the company” – in the first place, we analyze the client’s transactions and build workshop material based on their specific examples,
    we encourage you to interact with us, as well as between the participants themselves;
  • From each subsequent training, we also gain a number of experiences to make the next ones even better,
  • We conduct training on all tax issues (VAT, CIT, PIT, MDR, WHT, TP, changes in regulations and others) – both general training, introducing the subject, as well as dedicated dedicated training.
Good training is 100% content and the same amount of practical approach. And a lot of good atmosphere as well.

We conduct trainings for accounting, financial and tax departments – but not only! We are equally happy to invite employees of other departments who do not deal with taxes on a daily basis, but whose duties, sometimes completely unconsciously, have a great impact on tax settlements (e.g. purchasing, sales, logistics, warehouse, technology and other departments).

We prefer live training, at the client’s premises. But online training is not a problem either.

Each generation has its own time. And any time is good for a good tax training.
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