Ongoing tax consultancy

Ongoing support is the soul of tax advice.

Tax laws change all the time. The organ’s practice of using them is like a rollercoaster ride. Therefore, virtually every entrepreneur should employ a full-time tax advisor in their ranks. But not everyone can afford it. SOLVEO ongoing support is an alternative to a full-time tax advisor in the company’s structures. The costs are lower and the benefits are greater. The package includes access to a group of experts with complementary knowledge and experience. And open to the market, absorbing what is happening in taxes on a daily basis.

SOLVEO’s ongoing support, especially in the form of an unlimited SOLVEO Package, fills the gap that even the most qualified accounting departments are unable to fill. The unlimited support limit means that employees are not afraid to ask questions and use their adviser accordingly.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • We offer a wide range of support, in particular in the field of CIT, PIT and VAT, tax of civil law transactions, local taxes and others.
  • How does it look in practice? We answer phones, reply to e-mails, we meet. We build a relationship We provide both permanent comprehensive tax advice and support in one-off situations.
  • We offer advice and support in reporting tax schemes (MDR), We prepare applications for individual interpretations.

We provide ongoing consulting services in a variant tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients.
Most often in the formula:

  • our proprietary “SOLVEO Package” assuming unlimited consultations combined with other services to guarantee the highest level of security and tax efficiency (e.g. tax duty, newsletters, training, reviews),
  • a lump-sum agreement with a fixed pool of hours to be settled according to real working time,
  • open contract (without the amount of the fixed liability) settled according to real working time.
Unlimited ongoing advice allows a member of the accounting team to ask for advice without the stress that it will generate additional costs. This gives a real sense of support in everyday processes and a greater chance of avoiding mistakes and the related consequences for the company or its management board.
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