SOLVEO / Eksperci / Krzysztof Janusz

I am a transfer pricing expert, Director at SOLVEO.

I graduated from the Faculty of Management of the University of Gdańsk with a specialization in Investments and Real Estate. Since 2008, I have been dealing with transfer pricing. I started my career in one of the leading Polish tax advisory companies and from March 2017 I worked at EY, in a dedicated transfer pricing team. In December 2020, I joined the SOLVEO team, being responsible for the development of the company on the grounds of TP.

I provide comprehensive advice in the area of transfer pricing. I am active in one of the Working Groups of the Transfer Pricing Forum (opinion team) at the Minister of Finance. I prepare tax documentation and all transfer pricing, comparative / benchmarking analyses. I develop transfer pricing policies and model settlements for individual transactions, which minimizes tax risk. I carry out open and closed training with varying degrees of detail, adapted to the level of advancement of the participants.

My specializations
Tax Advisory