Polish tax “New Deal” and monitoring of the tax changes

Polish Deal – 700 pages of challenges.

Do tax regulations support the development of the economy? We have not yet met an entrepreneur who would answer this question in the affirmative. Contrary to its name, the so-called The “Polish Deal” will not make things any easier either. The draft of the changes is almost 700 pages of text. Work in the parliament is so galloping that most deputies probably did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the details of the changes they passed.

Business doesn’t have that option either. But he also cannot afford to be passive, in accordance with the already worn-out principle about the harmfulness of ignorance of the law. This apparent historical paradox can be solved by none other than a good tax advisor.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • We keep you informed about planned and introduced changes in tax regulations, social security regulations and other regulations relevant to the conducted activity,
  • We prepare a simulation of the impact of the changes on the taxation rules of the client’s enterprise.
  • Specifically, based on numbers and based on source data from the client,
  • We will propose alternative taxation scenarios along with an indication of the benefits resulting from them, but also the potential risk,
  • We will help you implement any new ideas related to business taxation.

As part of an attractively calculated lump sum, we will analyze the current tax situation of the client on real numbers (based on the data sent by the client) and simulate the amount of taxation “as of today” and assuming organizational changes.

Possible implementation of new solutions is priced individually and separately, depending on the solution and its level of sophistication.

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