IP BOX – relief for IT but not only.

Starting from 2019, entrepreneurs can use a new tax solution, the so-called IP Box, which means a reduced 5% tax rate on income from intellectual property rights.

This solution is dedicated to entrepreneurs who develop and improve intellectual property rights, such as a patent, utility model, industrial design, copyright to a computer program and then generate income from these rights by selling, licensing or using them in manufactured products and services.

What do we do as part of the service?
  • Analysis of the eligibility of the IP Box implementation along with estimation of tax benefits,
  • Identification of qualified intellectual property rights within the IP Box,
  • Preparation of calculation of the Nexus indicator,
  • Calculation of income from qualified intellectual property rights, including separation of income considered in the sale price of a product or service using the transfer pricing methodology,
  • Securing the IP Box implementation by obtaining individual interpretation,
  • Preparation of procedures enabling self-calculation of qualified income for the IP Box in the coming years.
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