Effective forms of remuneration

Personal taxation hurts each of us

The employment contract, although the most commonly used in practice, does not always meet the expectations communicated by specialists and managers on the current labor market. The Polish Order is often not conducive to B2B contracts.

In order to ensure the competitiveness of a given organization, it is worth considering expanding the offered models and forms of cooperation. It often turns out that the appropriate selection of the form of cooperation to the role played in the organization and the scope of services provided to it allows not only to meet the expectations of its key specialists, but also to ensure a higher level of cooperation efficiency for both parties.

What do we do as part of the service?
The scope of our consultancy focuses on helping to adapt our clients’ offer to the growing expectations of the best qualified experts and managers on the labor market. It’s about choosing forms of cooperation that are well-adjusted and effective for both parties. In addition, where possible and justified, we help to design and implement remuneration systems based on increased tax deductible costs for the transfer of copyrights, which allows our clients to safely increase the remuneration of employees without additional expenditure on the payroll budget.
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