Audit the financial statements

Audit the financial statements – fulfill the obligation for the benefit of your business.

 At Solveo we operate as an entity authorized to audit financial statements. Audits of financial statements are prepared in accordance with Polish accounting principles PSR and according to international standards IAS/IFRS. The purpose of the audit of financial statements is to check the correctness of the prepared financial statements, as well as to assess the accounting system.

 The financial audit carried out by SOLVEO determines the correctness of the operation of the financial and accounting system, internal control system, analyzes the main problems and indicates areas of significant risks.

What do we do as part of the service?

When we carry out the work entrusted to us, we use specialized skills, proven techniques and research methods and gained industry experience.

This service includes:

  • audit of the balance sheet and review of separate financial statements,
  • audit of the balance sheet and review of consolidated financial statements,
  • compilation – audit of financial statements (or their elements).

The result of the audit the financial statements is an opinion / report on the activities performed.

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